Common Problems

E3 Series

Q:Which of the J4205 and 4205U CPUs used in your products has better performance?

A:J4205 is a Pentium 4-core 4-thread CPU, 4205U is a Celeron dual-core dual-thread CPU, and the CPU performance of J4205 is higher.

Q:V300/E310/E300 sometimes turns on the lightning immediately when it is turned on, causing it to crash?

A:Solution: Remove a resistor next to the power switch

Q:V300/E310/E300 sometimes stuck in circles when starting up, unable to enter the system?

A:After power on, press F8, choose to repair the computer, and restore the system again. (Reason: After multiple illegal shutdowns of win10, the system enters repair, sometimes it can be repaired and enters the system successfully, sometimes it cannot be repaired and it stops. It is recommended that customers try not to shut down, but to shut down normally)

E5 Series

Q:Can the RS232 serial port be changed to 485?

A:Yes, switch by dialing

Q:Will the CPU underclock automatically?

A:Not at room temperature, the CPU will automatically reduce frequency when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees.

Q:Can your machine adopt an i9 CPU?

A:The existing version supports up to 9th generation Core i7.

Q:Can your product be installed with Win7 system?

A:3xx series can't, 5xx series can use 6th generation CPU.

Q:Can E510 with i5 9400CPU carry four 10 million cameras?

A:Yes, the CPU usage of the camera is related to the software settings you use.

Q:Can the E521 be installed with a graphics card?

A:Some graphics cards with a length of less than 225mm can be used.

Q:Can you configure the cracked version of the software before shipping?

A:We do not install cracked software, customers need to install it themselves if they need it.

Q:Doesn't the H110 chipset only support the sixth and seventh generations?

A:We have made technical updates to support 6/7/8/9 generations.

V Series

Q:Does the light source control and isolation DIO use the serial port or PCIE? Does it need a separate power supply?

A:They are all PCIE, and do not need a separate power supply within the specified power consumption of 24W/channel.

Q:GPIO response time?

A:Hardware design low speed 100us, high speed 5us.

Q:The V510 customer debugged on site, called the DLL library under release, and found that the light sources of the 5th and 6th channels would report errors.

A:It is confirmed that it needs to be changed to the dll library under the release under x64. It is recommended to delete the problematic library file.

Network Card

Q:Does the POE NIC need to be connected to a power cable?

A:The POE network card provides power and needs to be connected.

Q:Can the C100 use PCIe for PoE power supply without an external auxiliary power supply?

A:Yes, PCIe can provide up to 75W of power, which can meet the needs of PoE power supply.

Q:USB3.1 card: The camera is directly connected to the USB 3.0 port of the computer, and the CPU usage rate is relatively high. If the USB3.0 capture card is used to connect the camera, will the CPU usage rate be relatively low?

A:No, this CPU usage is not caused by the USB port, but by the image processing of the camera.

Q:Four-port POE Gigabit network card: Is it necessary to connect to the power supply slot?

A:The conventional industrial computer that needs to be matched is equipped with a PICE-X16/PCIE-X4 slot, and the network card is plugged in to automatically take power; if there is no PCIE slot, there is a 4PIN white seat on the network card, which is factory-installed  brought.

All in one IPC

Q:15.6-inch all-in-one machine, the touch is not accurate?

A: Calibration software provided, recalibration.